Coffee Machine Repairs


“As long as there was coffee in the world,

how bad could things be?”

― Cassandra Clare

Unless your coffee machine isn’t working!!!

Who you gonna call…

Actually, where you going to go;

for quick cost effective repairs?

Adelaide Coffee Machine Repairs

Domestic Coffee

Machine Repairs

What we do…

✓ Repairs to traditional Coffee Machines

✓ Descaling

✓ Fault Finding

✓ O’Ring and seal replacements

✓ Function Testing

✓ Filter Replacement

✓ Internal Inspections

✓ Pick up and Delivery

What we don’t…

X Automatic Coffee Machines

X Commercial Coffee Machines

X Cafes/Restaurants/Food Service Outlets/Hotels

X Free Stuff

Adelaide Coffee Machine Repairs

Domestic Only Service

Drop & Run

Valet Service

You can’t be good at everything. We

want to be the best at home

manual coffee machine repairs!

Want to save some money? Drop

you Coffee Machine off and we’ll

take over from there.

Haven’t got time to drop you coffee machine off! No problems, we’ll come and pick it up and drop it back off when we’ve repaired it.

Clean and Descale

Descaling regularly prevents valves from blocking, increases the life of boiler/thermostat, helps prevent steam leakage from the group heads and increases coffee cream.

Blowout the cobwebs

Routine maintenance includes changing seals, filters, grease etc.

Loan Machine

No problems, for a small daily rate we can help keep the coffee flowing.

Electric plug top
Test and Tag

Need your machine to be electrically certified safe; we got you covered.

Coffee Mug

Is you coffee machine performing? Soggy Grinds, Burnt Flavour, Leaking Head?

Pressure Guage
Pressure Vessel Inspections

Want your machine pressure tested for peace of mind?

Why Choose Us

Simple really; we’re not baristas, or coffee bean sellers etc. We are qualified Technicians.

Been installing and repairing coffee machines before the term Barista became popular and Target Red Apple still existed.

And the Pancake Kitchen still used the old Harris Boiler.

We were doing this when LaCimbali was just about the only machine around and Rancilio was almost unheard of in little Adelaide town.

Coffee Machine Repairs -why us

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You come to us, or we come to you

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