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Our Brand stands for rare and unusual we hope – hence the black sheep logo! We’re rare because we only repair the traditional manual coffee machines. Unusual because we aim to meet customer expectations. The “Z” because we have been competing for attention on Google for long enough to know you need a distinction that is not straight out of the dictionary. Meaning copy cats can’t continue to confuse our customers who’s who!

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To provide a transparent, honest and high quality coffee machine repair service through a continual improvement process encompasing both skills, experience, tools/equipment and working with our supply chain to get the best parts for the right price.

We only succeed if our customers refer us to others!


To be the "Number One Coffee Machine Repairer" in Adelaide.

Only by understanding our customers needs/wants can we develop a service that we can be confident will meet our coffee loving customers expectations.

To be number one in the coffee machine repair business we understand that take managing expectations, continuous improvement, setting best practice benchmarks, and aim for both reliability and sustainability. That requires repair solutions that are delivered by the appropriate people who possess competent knowledge and skills.

  • Safety - We work "safe by choice not by accident.
  • Honesty - We believe in old fashioned honesty and integrity.
  • Respect - We respect the beliefs and opinions of others.
  • Performance - We are only a small part of a large supply chain, but work to encourage our suppliers to deliver parts of the best quality.
  • Lifestyle - Coffee to us is a passion! We aim to deliver great service through our passion but without losing sight of the requirements of the business.
  • Community - If not coffee, what else brings families and friends together. We hope our coffee repair service bring a little something extra to those communities.
  • Attitude - We are passionate about coffee, but pragmatic when delivering on our corporate values.

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