Breville Coffee Machine Repairs

Need your Breville Semi Automatic Machine repaired. Look no further, we’re here to help!

Machine Types

Why Plastic Fantastic

We tend to refer to semi-automatic coffee machines in two loose categories Metal or Plastic! Unfortunately the Plastic types of machines earned the diminutive moniker “Plastic Fantastic”

Breville BES 920
Feature Rich

There is always a compromise. The more capable a machine for a better price generally means cheaper parts.

Easy To Use

For sure, the more the machine does the work, the easier they are to use.

Part Supplies

Parts through the official supply chain can be slow and unwieldy.

More To Go Wrong!

Feature rich means more devices, parts etc to go wrong. The more to go wrong the greater the cost to diagnose

Rarely Just 1 Problem

The first time we see these machines it is rare that they present with one simple repair.

Why Mention All This

We are happy to fix these machines, but by and large don’t recommend them for a long life option.


Often the first time we see these machine is due to leaks

Water leaks often cause flow on problems. Apart from seals needing to be changed, often electronics are damaged and need consideration.