3 Smart Reasons Why You Should Consider:

Brugnetti Viola

  1. E61 Group Head
  2. No Rotary Handles
  3. Real copper
Brugnetti Viola

I'm always asked as a technician which is the best coffee machine. The answer is none! You don't buy the best car for so many reasons; the main one is Price! But what you see is my machine in my home. Yes I turn these over, why, because I can and I need to know what different machines have to offer. I'm not a coffee addict. I like coffee and I prefer to make my own than buy one. So this machine often ends up back on my counter at home.

It's got a small tank, so it's cheaper and quicker to heat than the bigger units. As you can see; I don't have lots of space! This unit is one of the smallest without giving up too much in function. It's as close to analogue as they get these days; which means its cheaper to keep maintained. The hot water and steam taps are levers. This means it's a lot quicker to get the valve fully open and closed. There's not much plastic. And it's not all stainless steel, which I like! You can get it all stainless of course, but I think the black sides make the unit standout.

So why the Brugnetti. I don't really sell coffee machines, so there is no place to come and play with a variety of machines. But if you want a coffee machine we are confident that we can get you a competitive price. The benefit of dealing with us it the knowledge that you can get the machine looked after locally by a repair business. And also we don't try to sell machines that might have the best margin or gimmicks that sound good but in reality don't add much value. Sure having a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) that controls temperature. By the time you have eliminated all other variables that might alter the taste of your coffee, trust me your just going to set it and forget it. No one has the time to weigh the ground coffee, pack the portafilter perfectly, ensure the brew time is just so etc. Sure there will be a small percentage of people who both want and can get the benefits from a PID controller on a domestic coffee machine. Equally, I'm betting most of those people drive expensive European cars and live in expensive suburbs. But for the rest of us mere mortals who want the ability to brew a good coffee and do that with a coffee machine that is going to last and not need super expensive parts, then these Brugnetti machines are a great option. Take if from a technician.

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Brugnetti Viola

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