We specialise in traditional home coffee machine repairs!

Semi automatic coffee machines are usually more robust than automatic coffee machines because they have less parts and less sophisticated technology running the moving parts. The usual problems with semi automatic machines are wear and tear to seals, gaskets, o-rings and the like. Symptoms can be leaks, indicating it’s time for a service. Some where in the middle are problems like blockages. Less common are boiler elements, solenoids and pumps failure. To ensure your coffee machine is repaired properly, make sure you use a professional coffee machine repairer. We are local to Adelaide with a drop off point at Panorama and service most of the semi automatic brands of coffee machines.

Sending your coffee machine can feel a little like Russian Roulette – not knowing when you might get it back or how much it might cost? We can’t hold out to be the cure all for that feeling, but we can tell you that your machine is in good hands;

  • 10 years fixing coffee machines
  • A licensed electrician
  • Locally owned and operated business

E61 Group Head

e61 Group Head

Nothing beats the traditional tried and true!

Seals need replacing.

Time to ditch the old shower screen.

Movement not as smooth as it used to be?

Descale and clean well overdue?

Drop off or Pick up

Our valet service or happy to do the drop off yourself.

Our workshop is conveniently located in Panorama.

We also offer a pick up and drop off valet service for the time poor.

Want a fast turn around, talk to us about available options.

Boxes available at the workshop for packing.

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Fixed Prices

We provide a range of fixed prices for standard repairs/service

Single boiler descale and service.

Group head seal and grease service.

Dual boiler descale and service.

Valet pick up and drop off and loan machine available.

How we go about it!

Drop Off

Save money! Drop your machine off by packing it in a box, print and attach our label then drop it off. Don’t have a box, that’s okay, for a small fee reception will have one.

Valet Quick Fix

Bit of an addict, family can’t be without their coffee. We feel ya! Happy to offer a fast turn around, but nothings for free.

Parts will determine just how quick we can get it back to you, but overnight is our goal for this valet service.

Valet Pick Up

For $60 we’ll pick it up from your place. Up to roughly 20Kms from the GPO. We do pick up Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click the button below and check for yourself if you are within our service area.

Make A Booking

Before you send us your coffee machine, make sure you complete a booking form and receive a confirmation. While we are happy to receive your coffee machine, we won’t start doing any work on it until we have a booking form.