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“As long as there was coffee in the world,

how bad could things be?”

― Cassandra Clare

We're not a Cafe offering repairs!!!

We are Adelaide's semi automatic domestic coffee machine repairers

If you need reliable and cost effective repairs - look no further?

Locally owned and operated - Licensed electrical technician

Coffee Machine Repairs Adelaide

Customers Obligations

Just because we are a repairer of appliances does not mean all appliances can be repaired. The most likely reason it can't be repaired is economics. Repairing a $2000 machine for $1800 is not necessarily a sensible way forward!


Corrosion is the main unknowable when repairing coffee machines. When dismantling machines for inspection in order to provide a realistic quote for repair bolts, screws, hydraulic fittings, etc. need force to remove them. Sometimes that ends badly! It means the repairs now became necessary even though the reason for looking at the machine in the first

place were not absolutely required.


Parts can be another issue. We can't diagnose a fault sometime without isolating the issue. Just because

some parts are available it doesn't necessarily follow that all parts will be available.


First things first! It's easy to understand that you can take a car for a test drive if it has a flat tyre. Which make fixing the tyre the top of the list! Doing that repair doesn't guarantee the test drive won't uncover a terminal condition where the tyre repair is rendered useless! This happens more often than we'd like to admit, but in order to be transparent, we have to make the customer aware that this can be the case.

Service History

We can't look at your machine and know it's history and condition. The more accurate the information the customer provides, the better repair options we can provide.

Electrical Compliance

Appliances these days can be subjected to what is known as a PAT test. This is done in the business place as a matter of regulation. Portable Appliance Testing normally results in a tag being fitted. We only do this if a customer requests it!

Pressure Vessel

Pressure vessels have some reasonably strict regulations to make sure repairers and customers don't blow themselves up. We can't test the pressure relief valves or temprature saftey thermostats to ensure they are working correctly. Our only reliable method is to replace them. This can be expensive and not entirely necessary. We don't change these devices unless they are faulty or the customer askes us to do so!


Your machine started corroding the day you plugged it in. And its continued corrosion can be sped up via many influences. For instance, having your machine turned on all day will cause more corrosion that say being turned on for a couple of hours a day! Corrosion happens in different ways depending on the materials. Some dissipate the material some expand the material. What is not immediately obvious is if it exists and is going to cause issues with the repair.


ECM has a young, highly-motivated and enthusiastic team. There household machines are manufactured in Milan.


Rocket Espresso produces fine espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’.

All the others

Not to bore you with the list but it is many. The core component is the E61 group head. We specialise in these particular brands of machines.

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